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How to Choose the best Planters for Public Space

Public spaces should be welcoming and pleasing to the eye. People enjoy relaxing and using them as a place to unwind. Add a few well-selected planters to your area, and it will become inviting to all. With that ability to liven up any space, a splash of greenery works every time. A suitable planter can act as both a functional home for the plant and a decorative item to improve the area's aesthetics. Finding suitable planters can be a task that is hard to master! Keep the following points in mind when looking for planters for public spaces:

public space streetscape planters

General Tips

Look At Colour:

The matter of colour for public spaces is crucial to creating the right vibe. The colour of the planter can help set the tone for an otherwise plain space with fresh pops of vibrant colours such as pink or blue. On the flip side, darker colours are ideal for creating a modern upscale vibe. The matter of colour is always a great starting point when looking for planters for public spaces. After all, the colours for a public space such as an upscale shopping center will differ from a public space aimed at a family-friendly park. Modscene has a range of colours that caters for both ends of the scale and accommodating all tastes and styles.


Consider Material:

Material is also essential to keep in mind when choosing planters for any space, especially a public one. You want public space to maintain proper appearances, and no one wants to look at run-down, faded planters. A good option is a high Polyethene grade since it is sturdy, easy to care for, and withstands exposure to sun and rain elements without damaging the material. Because it absorbs water and other elements, Wood makes for an undesirable planter for public spaces ageing prematurely and taking on considerable damage when exposed to rain and the elements.


Have A Plan:

Cohesive design when it comes to planters gracing a public space is essential. Mixing and matching the size is easy, while there is a need to be careful with colour. Areas such as a park may withstand multiple colours, where an upscale urban area in the city may look more attractive with a single colour. When designing an upscale area ensure that planters are not haphazardly placed in the space but rather have some formality of position. An example of this may be that the planters follow the line of a path.

Size of Planter:

When choosing the right size planter for any space, there are a few things to keep in mind about large versus small planters. Let us look at each size category's benefits to help you make the right call.


Benefits Of Large Planters

Larger Pots Give More Root Space:

Root space is one of the main reasons to choose more oversized planters for public space. Roots need room to spread, and potted trees need more room than smaller shrub type plants. Knowing what plant species you intend to plant in your planter allows you to ensure proper growth conditions and plant vitality. Modscene planters range from 140L through to 880L, ensuring a planter to suit each tree type. The Madrid 900 and Madrid 1200 Planters are particularly great as a large planter in public spaces.


Larger Pots Give A More Dramatic Look:

When looking for noticeable appeal, a more prominent planter offers a more dramatic appearance sure to stand out. Even in neutral colours, a prominent planter's sheer size makes it stand out when placed in a garden. If you intend to accommodate larger pots in your landscaping, you can plant more than one plant type in the same pot for an even more dramatic look. It would help if you also kept in mind that rounded pots give a more playful look in a large size. 


You can use pots to direct traffic or block off areas:

Landscapers can easily use giant planters to make off-limit areas clear to patrons when placed closely together. Larger pots are great for directing foot traffic and blocking off areas from public view. Big planters can line sidewalks or paths to direct people and help keep them off the grass and outline focal points and gathering areas within the space. Part of the beauty of using planters as barriers is that they can be easily moved at a later date.



The Benefits Of Small Planters

Perfect For Smaller Spaces:

Smaller pots are ideal for any area short of space since they take up less room. Planters are available to accommodate any space, from balcony’s wide enough for a planter to small pots to flank a doorway. Whatever your space, there are large or small planters that will fit.


Ideal For Lining A Narrower Walkway:

Smaller pots are ideal for lining a narrow walkway without losing out on foot traffic space. Planters in smaller sizes are ideal for nicely lining narrow walkways without taking up too much room.


Small Pots are Easier to Move if Needed:

Suppose a temporary solution to your garden space is desired. In that case, smaller pots are easier to move from one area to another, making them an attractive solution if you are redesigning or constructing. If you have several smaller pots, you will move them a lot easier than having one or two large pots as the primary planter sources. 


Modscene Caters to all Planter Needs: 

Modscene has one of the most diverse ranges of planters. The sturdy construction of Modscene planters makes them ideal for public space. The extensive range of readily available colours means there is a colour for every situation.


If you have any further questions about Modscene Public space planters please feel free to reach out by emailing

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