Large black Modscene planter pots by a Trendz Outdoors Fireplace in New Zealand

Outdoor entertaining essentials in New Zealand

Outdoor entertaining essentials in New Zealand

If there's one thing in common that New Zealander's have it is a love for the outdoors! Whether it is a weekend getaway or just having our mates around, we love to get outside and enjoy some fresh air! Outside space when done right is refreshing and gives a sense of freedom. Research shows just how important being in a green space is for our inner health and mindset. 

In this article we showcase some of the essential items for your outdoor entertaining area that will bring out the true Kiwi spirit in you! 


Outdoor Fireplace

Large outdoor fireplace by Trendz Fireplaces New Zealand
Transform your outdoor living space with a outdoor fireplace! An outdoor fireplace is a great addition to any home. Not only does it create a focal point for your outdoor entertaining space but it adds value to a home and encourages friends and family to socialise away from screens and distractions. An outdoor fireplace creates conversation, great times and long-lasting memories. We are loving this outdoor fireplace by Trendz Fireplaces and the scale of it will create a focal point in any outdoor area as well as providing heat in the cooler months. 


A BBQ is a Must Have

Weber BBQ in an outdoor area NZ

Outdoor cooking is so much fun! There is nothing that matches the scent coming off a hot BBQ and it is an absolute essential for all outdoor entertaining areas! There are a huge range of barbeques available that suit the purposes of many outdoor areas. We like the broad range from Weber and they have a BBQ that will suit your entertaining needs! Get your mates around for a cook up and let the good times roll. 


Outdoor Seating

Outdoor chairs and table on a deck

Furniture plays an important part in your comfort while outside. Adding furniture to your space will ensure your space is inviting and comfortable for all who enjoy it. New Zealand conditions call for durable furniture and Modscene furniture will endure the elements. Designed and made in New Zealand this furniture can be left outdoors permanently without perishing in the elements.


Pizza Oven

Outdoor pizza oven in an entertaining area

Family time will be even more special when gathered around your pizza oven. Cooking at home will become exciting and fun, a time for everyone to get involved. Summer, Winter, rain or shine, memories will be made with an outdoor oven. We are loving the style and quality of the ovens from Authentic

Planters Enhance Any Area

Large white Modscene planter in an outdoor area


Whatever your outdoor area consist of be it large or small, planters and greenery will increase happy vibes and make your area look great. Modscene planters come in many shapes and sizes and with 19 colour options throughout the range there is a planter for any space! Visit the Modscene gallery HERE and be inspired today.

We hope you have been inspired to get outside more and love your outdoor space. It really is such a refreshing place to be!

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