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Cubik Slim 300 Planter. 70cm High.

Cubik Slim 300 Planter. 70cm High.

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The Cubik Slim 300 Planter is modern and slim, enabling it to fit in narrow spaces. It is perfect for filling areas with style and colour and is available in 25 colours.

Lightweight, it's perfect for balconies and areas with a weight restriction. It also looks great in front of pillars or at entranceways where space is tight. 

Note regarding this particular Cubik Slim planter: The Cubik Slim has flat sides, unlike other Modscene planters. With our production method of rotational moulding, it is impossible to make a flat-sided product perfectly flat, and each side will have variations in flatness. 


  • Top diameter 30cm.
  • Base diameter 30cm.
  • Height 70cm.

Volume: 63L

Weight when empty: 4.8kg

Approximate planted weight: 36kg

Modscene Planter Benefits: 

  • NZ made.
  • 20-year residential warranty. 
  • Durable, strong construction. 
  • Corrosion and rust resistant. 
  • UV Stabilised. 
  • Can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +80°C.
  • Colourfast.
  • Available in 25 colours.


    Our planters are made of linear low-density, recyclable polyethylene by rotational moulding. This process gives a strong finish and allows us to bake the colour right through the planter, giving a colourfast result.


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