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Doorless Cat Manor

Doorless Cat Manor

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Want a Cat Manor with an open front/doorless access? We have you covered. This Cat Manor is the go-to option if you prefer a doorless home for your cat.

With a large interior space that will allow cats to move around freely, the Modscene Cat Manor is made from a single moulded piece. There are no cracks or areas of weakness, which means that the Modscene Cat Manor is effectively waterproof, windproof and weatherproof.    

Hygienic and easy to clean, it has a drainage hole located on its base. The interior can simply be hosed down, and the water will quickly drain out. Whilst designed for outdoor use, the Modscene Cat Manor can also be kept indoors. 


Overall External Dimensions: 530mm (H) x 650mm (L) x 750mm (W).

Door Dimensions: 300mm (H) x 220mm (W).

Actual House Compartment Dimensions: 480mm (H) x 480mm (D) x 730mm (W)

Key Features:

  • Made with a single-piece construction method. There are no joints for water to leak through.
  • Resistant to harbouring parasites and microorganisms to ensure hygiene.
  • No assembly is required. 
  • Waterproof, windproof & weatherproof.
  • Drain holes in the base for easy cleaning. 
  • Will not rot or perish.
  • UV resistant.
  • The front roof overhang and recessed door help to keep the Cat Manor cosy at all times.
  • Raised floor panel keeps the shelter warm, dry and cosy.
  • A stainless steel air vent in the rear always ensures airflow for your cat.
  • Large enough to comfortably house two cats. 
  • Your cat's favourite blanket is able to be easily put through the door to enhance the Modscene Cat Manor further.

This cat house is made of linear, low-density polyethylene through a rotational moulding process.

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